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Windows 7 Manager Final

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Windows 7 Manager Final

Windows 7 Manager - Very handy utility that will effectively configure, optimize, and perform a full removal of obsolete files and registry settings your Windows 7 system.The program can significantly increase the performance of your system and its safety. The program displays detailed information about all the details of the computer and running processes.Windows 7 Manager includes more than 30 tools are designed to speed up the system, as well as increase its stability and safety.

Currently, not only Microsoft puzzled release of Windows 7.Software developers are also trying to keep up with the times and therefore work hard on the release of new tools for tuning and optmizatsii future operating system. So, one of the newly released tools for Windows 7, Windows 7, became Manager.

Windows 7 Manager allows the user to efficiently configure, optimize and clean Windows 7.The tool includes a process manager, cleaner operating system wizards and optimization of Windows 7 and even the center recovery of Windows 7.The latter allows you to restore the context menu, file associations, Internet Explorer, icons, and so on. N. And also has other features, such as checking the originality of the system files.

Another interesting possibility is the restoration of the center the so-called "immunity". According to the author's application, immunization partition leads to the creation of folders on it autorun.inf, which prevents the creation of the file autorun. inf and that the NTFS file system can not be removed without the proper rights. Thus, immunization helps protect your local or removable drive from viruses autorun.

In the information Information You can view detailed information about your hardware and running processes, and Customization section will help you configure Windows 7 for themselves, giving you control over the menu, desktop, download, and so on. N.

Section Optimizer optimization will improve the speed of loading and off the Windows, increase the performance of the equipment and turn off unnecessary system tasks.

Under the Security program, you can enable numerous hidden performance options of system, disable system updates and error reports; hide and restrict access todrives, identify illegal to perform the program on your computer; encrypt / decrypt and shred files, change the location of system folders. Here you can also find utility Privacy Protector, which will maintain privacy by deleting mention of the places you've visited.

With the help section Network, optimize your Internet connection speed, manage all shares items, and easy to customize Internet Explorer.

Finally, Section varied Misc. Utilities Show the collection of utilities Windows, will find the keys on Windows and much more.

Key features of Windows 7 Manager:
* Get detailed information about your system
* Optimize the speed of system startup and shutdown
* Setting up the hardware to increase the speed and performance
* Optimize Task Scheduler to turn off unnecessary system tasks
* Find and delete unnecessary files and various debris
* Search duplicate files
* Cleaning the registry of unnecessary entries and incorrect
* Defragmenting the registry to increase system performance
* Application Management System startup
* Setting up a boot menu of Windows 7
* Editing the context menu (right click)
* Setting the desktop, menus, toolbar and notifications settings
* Automatically change your desktop background
* Setting up and optimization of system security
* Optimize the speed of your Internet connection
* Setting Interner Explorer
* Displays built-in Windows utilities
* Split and merge any file

Windows 7 Manager 5.0.1 Released!
• Perfect some functions and UIs
• Perfect the context menu for some programs
• Fix some bugs

Windows 7 Manager Final

Windows 7 Manager Final

Released: 2014
Version : 5.0.1
Platform To: Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.
Interface language: English
Activation : there is
Size : 11.57 Mb

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