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Opus Creator 9.50 Final

Category: Software / Multimedia | Posted: 22/10/2015, 2:07 | Downloads: 986
Opus Creator 9.50 Final

Opus Creator - It WYSiWYG editor for HTML5 development of web sites, interactive multimedia, educational resources, Flash, games, quizzes, presentations, animations and other multimedia without programming.HTML5 supports Android, iPhone, as well as Windows and Linux. Get your favorite flash function, but publish in a system that no longer support it.Opus Creator offers quick and easy design and development of HTML5 and Flash, interactive multimedia presentations. Opus Creator-is a cost-effective way to get started with multimedia authoring and web design.

For a writer, designer, artist or photographer is an intuitive way to free-form design and disseminate creative projects or promotional showcases.Runs on Windows-output in HTML5 (for iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows), Flash, CD, Windows EXE, video or DVD; and distribute freely for pleasure and profit.

Features of Opus Creator
• Includes over 1200 ready-made animations, transitions and effects.
• Combines the text, images, words, sound and video into all kinds of interactive publications and dissemination on a PC, Flash SWF, web or even domestic DVD.
• Creates simple games, tests and quizzes by dragging or clicking buttons points.
• Publish of Flash-animation, multimedia presentations, interactive CD-ROM for customers or colleagues.
• Creates a multimedia comic books or children's interactive entertainment for fun or profit.
• Obedyaet new DVD-video publishing with animations, images and text and your band can have its own music DVD without the need for expensive video semkok.
• Does not require any programming.
• Integrates all types of multimedia resources into one application. Sound, graphics and videos can be easily incorporated in your project and mixed with office documents, spreadsheets, or with the help of special effects, transitions and animations created interactive media publishing.
• Programming functions such as loops and selection available on the condition using simple tools, so no scripting is required.

Ideal for ...
• HTML5 web design
• Flash
• Animations and Banners
• quizzes and tests
• Digital Research
• Multimedia presentations
• Digital advertising
• boards of resources
• Children's materials
• Therapy special applications
• YouTube Animations
• Interactive books
• Multimedia Album
• Live Karaoke

Suitable for ...
• Graphic designers
• Web Designers
• Small Business
• Secondary Schools
• Teachers
• Specialists Marketing
• Photographers
• Interactive Brochure
• Creative Writers
• Presentations
• Lovers
• boards of resources

New features
• Gone limitations of HTML and web design will never be the same.
- Opus Creator is HTML5 ++ with web material from the animated banners to full websites free design style.
• No need for complex scripts or JQuery extensions, do not mess with fields and internal fields for placing objects wherever you want.Opus Creator allows you to put whatever you want and wherever you want. Then publish in one or more HTML-pages or single element (DIV) included in another page.
• Design the best sites for smart devices
- Editor freeform Opus Creator's WYSIWYG always allow you to create an immersive interactive web content more intuitive way. Now with HTML5 + + is also available for smartphones and tablets.
• HTML5 is displayed on Android and iPad as well as on Windows and the Mac, so you can now make the best sites for all devices quickly and easily.
• Creator content may be set to scale the size of the screen independently.
• Advanced HTML5 ++ creates an attractive web content
• Powerful features are built-in, without having to write scripts ...
• Design with flexible management WebFonts
- Release your web projects from boring fonts more easily, a new Web Font Manager makes it easy to organize and use WebFonts or make a decorative headers. All code @ FontFace generated automatically if you use Google WebFonts or their own.
• Management of static or dynamic parameters of the text for any text object.
• More tools to your multimedia
• Other new features to make any design simpler and therefore more cost-effective.

crop Tool
• Fast framing images directly in Opus editor facilitates the use of parts of a larger image. When you can see the picture on the site, it is easier to decide what part of it you really need.
Setting boundaries parties
• Now you can select individual parties to apply your border. Ideal for tabs and menus.
• New animation speed automatically creates an animation that ends up in a position with the effect of a rebound.
• It is also used for the new version of the conversion page scroll.

Opus Creator gives you the basic functions for web design, development of multimedia and interactive presentations in an intuitive, easy-to-use editor and you are not limited to presets and templates.
All properties of an object can be used simply by choosing the parameters of a set of tabs in the dialog box. Choose from more than 1000 transitions, borders, effects and custom animations.Actions can be applied to any object by selecting an option from a set of dialogues. All major types of activities, including show, hide, animation, printing. You can even create a "programming" features such as loops or conditional branching without scripts.

Here are some key features of «Opus Creator»:
• Simple drag and drop interface requires no programming knowledge.
• Built-in animations, transitions and graphical effects.
• More output formats than any other program - including DVD-video for domestic DVD players.
• In-place text editing and on-screen drawing tools.
• Question wizard for easy quizzes.
• Ready-made components, resources and samples to adapt.

Minimum System Requirements:
• Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, NT4 (with Service Pack 4).
• Pentium II
• Monitor and graphics card capable of 16bit colour at 800 x 600
• 512 MB RAM
• Approx 250 MB HD space depending on installation options
• Sound card
• Mouse
• CD Rom
• Direct X v3 or better (recommended)
• Windows Media Player (recommended)
• Quicktime v4 or better (recommended)

Recommended System Requirements:
• 2Ghz processor
• Windows 7/8
• 2 GB RAM
• 1 GB free disk space
• 32 bit colour graphic card at 1280 x 1024

New in Version 9.5
• Responsive Content - even single DIV content can now be resized allowing you to design fully responsive animations, banners and other interactive content to embed in responsive grids.
• Goto Icon Feature Highlight - Responsive Design.
• Embed Images & Disable Right Click Menu - embed images directly in your HTML with base-64 encoding and disable the right-click context menu. Both of these help make your resources more secure and not so easy to copy.
• Plus - Improved collision detection, SWF support in HTML, updated borders including Shiny Tech frames, and lots of fixes and improvements.

Opus Creator 9.50 Final

Opus Creator 9.50 Final

Opus Creator 9.50 Final

Opus Creator 9.50 Final

Graduation Year : 2014
Activation: Included (patch)
Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 | 8 & 8.1
Program page:
Interface language : english
Size: 176 Mb
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