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Logitech SetPoint 6.67.82 (x86 / x64)

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Logitech SetPoint 6.67.82 (x86 / x64)

Logitech SetPoint It is the software used to install and control the mouse and keyboard of the company Logitech. The program combines the drivers and software that allows you to take full advantage of all the functionality of a mouse and keyboard.

SetPoint Mouse Features:
Your buttons - only your
There is a button that you do not use? You can change its function to suit your needs.
Some mice, such as the MX ™ Revolution and VX ™ Revolution, you can even assign different functions button for different programs.

Features index
SetPoint software provides the ability to control the mouse cursor.You can change the speed and acceleration, including cursor and enable Smart Move, the cursor is automatically set to the default button in dialog boxes. In some cases, the program also lets you adjust the scrolling speed.

Get ready for the game
You can enable game detection and choose game mode settings that give you extra advantage.

The battery life is nearing completion? It's easy to figure out - just click the tab Mouse Batteries («Batteries Mouse") to determine the state of charge. Some mice let you know how much time is left before the expiration of battery life.

SetPoint Keyboard Features:
Special keys at your service
In your opinion, special keys perform special functions is not enough? You can easily change this by using the program SetPoint. Select a keyboard, a special key, the function you want to change, and can assign this key any action.

The selected key can open a specific Web page, launch your favorite applications, open a file or folder, and more. You can also assign a special key, a certain sequence of keystrokes.

The functionality of the F-keys you choose
The selected default destination F-keys do not have to dictate your choice. You are free to assign the F-keys perform the functions at their own discretion. Just tab function keys and make the necessary changes.

Key lock switch
You no longer need to worry about accidentally switch on Caps Lock. Program SetPoint lets you disable the keys, accidental pressing of which may not be desirable - key switches, Insert, or "Start» Windows®.

Checking the battery level
Now monitor the level of battery charge only - Battery tab allows you to quickly determine whether a lot of energy in the battery, so as not to be left without power.

Expanding list of advanced features
If your keyboard is equipped with zoom buttons, an LCD display, a touch panel or a panel TouchDisc Media Pad, SetPoint software will guide you through the settings.You can increase or decrease the rate of change of scaling. Disable notifications displayed on the LCD screen when you listen to music. Change the speed of the cursor when using the touchpad TouchDisc. And much more.

New in version 6.67.82:
Support added for Windows 10
Bug fixes

Logitech SetPoint 6.67.82 (x86 / x64)

Logitech SetPoint 6.67.82 (x86 / x64)

Date of: 2015
Platform : Windows® 2000 | XP | Vista | 7 | 8 (x32 | x64)
Language: ML | Russian
Activation : not required
File size: 75,80 Mb / 77,84 Mb

Download Logitech SetPoint 6.67.82 x86

Download Logitech SetPoint 6.67.82 x64
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