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Windows XP Professional SP3 VL by Sharicov Build 27.10.2014 (x86 / RUS / 2014)

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Windows XP Professional SP3 VL by Sharicov Build 27.10.2014 (x86 / RUS / 2014)

One of the most successful operating system ever released Microsoft. It remains popular to this day.

Differences of the assembly from the original image of Russian Windows XP Professional SP3 VL:
- Интегрирован набор официальных обновлений UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus v14.5.20 (май 2014) включая все дополнения, входящие в архив (кроме Flash и WGA). А также набор официальных непубличных обновлений ExtremePack
- Updated to Internet Explorer 8. Supports roll back to "native" IE6 and IE8 without the ability to install
- Updates for Windows Media Player 9
- Integrated to SATA-AHCI controller driver (on the basis of an expanded package of YikxX)
- Patched TCPIP.SYS up to the limit of 500 connections (in the original - 10). It is necessary for the normal operation of programs such as BitTorrent-clients
- Patched uxtheme.dll for installing unsigned order, fixed themeui.dll
- Автоматизирован процесс установки ОС на жесткий диск (после выборы раздела и файловой системы)
- Removed some waste components (see below).
- Added manual installation: Direct X, set Runtime-library, .Net Framework 1.1-4.0, several themes
- Multiboot (see below.)
- Changed some of the default settings (see below).

- Windows Process Activation Service
- MSN Explorer
- Windows Messenger
- Movie Maker
- "Introduction to Windows"
- "Знакомство" с Windows Media Player, стандартные плейлисты и обложки для него
- Upgrade / Migration from Win9x
- The Search
- Samples of music, "pictures of game controllers" and other debris

- Disable "System Restore"
- Turn off automatic updates (the service is stopped)
- "Security Center" will be silent when off stock and without antivirus
- Disabled update the last access files on NTFS
- Minimize the delay replay keyboard
- Disable Sticky Keys
- Sleep mode by default denied, for compact installations
(ON: Control panel-Power-sleep)
- Click Start, Shutdown button is displayed in sleep mode
- Turn off Autoplay all types of drives, in addition to CD-ROM
- Disable automatic restart crash
- The size of the cache is set to 0 SFC
- Correct opening .chm-files from network drives
- Download files from IE without tags "file has been received from another computer ..."
- Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard
- Disabled notice of "newly installed programs"
- When you open unknown files are proposed Internet search
- Extensions of known file types are not hidden
- Do not open the document being a list of "Recent Documents"
- Control Panel from the Start menu appears as a submenu
In addition to these, other settings are not changed. Effective on new accounts.

- Windows XP Automatic installation (with IE8, the base) and the options are:
with IE6, without podgruzki firewood IDE / AHCI, Forced ACPI, and without ACPI
- Mini Windows XP (WinPE) Download
- Kon-Boot 2.4 Bypass account passwords (not only xp)
- Windows Key v12.1 reset passwords xp accounts
- FreeDOS (DMDE, TestDisk ...) (switching input language button RWin)
- ASTRA v6.22 configuration definition and computer diagnostics
- MemTest86 + v5.1 memory Checking for errors
- Hiren's Boot CD v15.2 (DOS-part)
- HDClone Copy all sectors of disks
- BootIt Bare Metal v1.28 Partition Manager and other system functions.
- Grub (loading the standard menu), Plop (download / install)

Изменения от 27.10.2014:
- Обновлена информация о часовых поясах стран/городов, добавлена утилита tzedit для её изменения в интерактивном режиме
(Программы->Стандартные->служебные->редактор часовых поясов TZEdit)
- Добавлена поддержка новых AHCI-контролеров Intel (в WinPE тоже)
- Пара исправлений в сборке, добавлена консольная утилита bootsect.exe
- В папку _ADDONS добавлены облегченные(без курсоров, обоев и тп) версии тем WinXP Embedded и Royale Remixed, в _SOFTPE обновлён Partition Assistant
- Мультизагрузка: изменено меню, пункты загрузки с ЖД и дискеты
- Настройки: служба автообновления остановлена
- Опять убран автозапуск - мешается, запускайте setup.exe из корня

System requirements:
The minimum frequency of the processor - 233 MHz.
We recommend 128 MB of RAM or more.
Monitor and Super VGA video adapter with 800 X 600 or higher.
The CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

CRC32: B4D8683E
MD5: 136FA565245FEAAFE3184FF99586CAF7
SHA-1: D75B9F673B028B55D15EFFA142353486A1258AC1

Date of issue: 27.10.2014
OS Version: 5.1.2600.5512
Creator: Microsoft
Platform: PC (x86-32)
By assembling: Sharicov
Language: RUS (Мультиязычный)
Treatment: Not required (key sewn)
Size: 650 MB

Windows XP Professional SP3 VL by Sharicov Build 27.10.2014 (x86 / RUS / 2014)

Windows XP Professional SP3 VL by Sharicov Build 27.10.2014 (x86 / RUS / 2014)

Windows XP Professional SP3 VL by Sharicov Build 27.10.2014 (x86 / RUS / 2014)
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